If a magnet loses its property on heating than why Sun don't lose property ?

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If a magnet loses its property on heating  than why sun don't lose its Strong magnetic property ?
I always wanted to know answer to this question ..

What is the difference between sun's Magnetic field and A bar magnet lines of forces ?

I asked my teacher when I was in 7th grade .. but, no one could not answer ..

Now it's your turn !! I know you can .. cos u guys are cool !! heheh
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A permanent magnet looses its magnetisation when heated above its Curie point or Curie temperature. Above this temperature, the thermal energy causes the metal to lose its magnetic hysteresis, and a large hysteresis (and large saturation magentisation) is what you need for a decent permanent magnet.

However... the sun (or the earth's core) is believed to be an electro-magnet (where a continuous magnetic field arises due to a continuous electric current-flow) and temperature is not a factor in this process. The magnetic field arising from a flowing current depends only on the magnitude and spacial distribution of that current - although it could be modified/concentrated by nearby ferrous metals.
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Before answer the question,we need to know,why there is magnetism around the permanent magnets and Sun.They seems different,but I think there should be some similar or same point.
As I know,as a person works in a magnets manufacturer company,we know when the environment temperature reach a point,we called Curie temperature,they will lose property,but we never think why?
But we can know a little,when produce magnets,or produce metal alloys,we will heat treat them,and this heat treatment temperature is very high.Why after this process,some alloy will get their magnetic property,but some not?
That is very easy to know that the structure is the reason why some have magnetic property,but some not.
That is the same reason why permanent magnets lose their property,they are easy to change the structure when the temperature reach a point,but sun have different structure by the H and other electrons...