Sending information backwards through time

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Sending information backwards through time
« on: 20/07/2009 12:48:56 »
Ok this is a bit out there.  Deconstructing entropy as an arrow of time a bit, we consider the universe to be entropy increasing because that is the direction we are stuck in.  Our mitochondria, our cellular processes, our neurotransmitters, and thus our perception depend on the slow sequestering of molecules and an eventual diffusion to control that energy and then store it or use it as it best serves our needs.  It also allows us to store information in our brains, but only from a system with a lower entropy.  That's why we are moving 'forward' through time where entropy is increasing, because if you turn back the entropy you turn back our cellular processes and our learning, and if you stop the increase of entropy throughout our body, you stop any progress that the body is making and it can't comprehend the stoppage of time and entropy.

So that is why we are always going away from the big bang, not because it's the only way to go, but because our metabolism and information storage processes only work in systems going from lower entropy to higher entropy.  The rest of the physical laws are time reversible, from what i understand, and what I'm proposing is that there could be regions of the universe, or conditions created in a laboratory, where information can be stored going towards the big bang, entropy backwards.

This is all hypothetical (at this point, mwahahaha) but if instead of having molecular structures which would use increasing entropy of a system to its own advantage to create order and store information, you could have molecular structures that would use the increasing order of a system to its own advantage and create disorder and store information going towards the big bang in time.

Is this plausible?  Could there be was-ings to our beings?  Could we send information through the light cone going towards the big bang?  Let's also try to stay away from time travel paradoxes, for simplicity's sake.