Are you an Armchair Scientist?

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Are you an Armchair Scientist?
« on: 31/07/2009 12:12:43 »
In my experience, the majority of the Scientist's work is spent 'in a chair', either designing a suitable experiment, researching other people's results or analyising their own results. There are some excellent experimenters and there always have been, but the raw results of their work is worthless without the appropriate analysis and the link with theory. Many of the greatest minds will last have picked up a piece of measuring equipment when doing their first Degree.
Many of the contributors to this site must have a history of experimentation. What is the general opinion?
Does 'Armchair Science' have a place?


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Are you an Armchair Scientist?
« Reply #1 on: 31/07/2009 14:19:02 »
I would say that the greater part of science is in the thinking.

The only experiments I've done since leaving school have been in the field of maths and aircraft control systems, out of purely personal interests and not in any professional capacity.
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