Need Presenters/Panelists for SciFact (Amherst,MA)

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SciFact is a convention for those who love science. If you enjoy learning about how the world works and our exploration of it, SciFact is the event for you.

SciFact will have presentations by scientists working at the frontiers of science and discussion on where science will take society in the future.

There are hundreds of science fiction conventions around the country, but I have yet to find a science convention like this one. There are conventions to expose children to science and show them how cool it is. There are conventions for teachers of science, but as far as we can tell, this is the first convention where science lovers gather for the sheer joy of learning more about the frontiers of science from those who are pushing those frontiers.

The presentation track is given by people particularly knowledgeable in their field. These may be scientists, instructors, or just laypeople who are particularly well versed in a topic. Presentations run one to two hours and go particularly into depth in a specific topic.

Panel Discussions
The panel discussions are run by a combination of experts and interested enthusiasts. The topics covered will be more speculative than the presentations, discussing questions like "what is the future of computing?" and "how will extended lifespans affect our society?" The discussions will involve more audience participation than the presentations and will run for one hour

if you are interested in getting involved please contact me at shampoo150 at gmail dot com


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Need Presenters/Panelists for SciFact (Amherst,MA)
« Reply #1 on: 14/08/2009 12:08:58 »
I'm Belgian,

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I wouldn't mind taking a trip to the US with someone else's wallet [;)]
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Need Presenters/Panelists for SciFact (Amherst,MA)
« Reply #2 on: 14/08/2009 13:55:17 »
You could drop off some chocolate to me on your way.
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