Tortoise Theft.

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Tortoise Theft.
« on: 16/08/2009 13:21:27 »
Now I know this is naughty, this isn't Crime Watch, but can I please take advantage of this fine forum to ask for your assistance.

Some of you UK members and guests may have seen the article in the Daily Mail on Saturday 15th Aug

These animals require very special attention and care, there return to the sanctuary is imperative.

I have recently been very concerned about two reports of 'missing' tortoises in my local area in the past few weeks.

If you are offered, or hear of anyone offering tortoises for sale, who does not fit the bill (i.e. a bloke down the pub, or even a pet shop which does not usually sell reptiles and cannot supply the certificates' required by law for animals they are selling) please inform the police without delay.

This is a most hideous crime, which puts the animals concerned at very great risk and causes great distress to pet owners.

My thanks to the TNS Admin, members and guests.
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Tortoise Theft.
« Reply #1 on: 16/08/2009 15:59:14 »

I do hope they are able to get Ruby and Zuess back.. That is terrible!

I am so sorry!

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Tortoise Theft.
« Reply #2 on: 17/08/2009 07:12:31 »
a single Ploughshare tortoise, a species which is almost extinct, can be illegally sold for around 25,000.

25 grand [:0], no wonder they're getting nicked, (at that price I'd fit a LoJack to it  [:)] ).
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