Most Influential Living Scientist

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Most Influential Living Scientist
« on: 23/08/2005 21:51:31 »
Most Influential Living Scientist

I came across an interesting comment/question posed in the "Humans In Science" blog, which I've reproduced below. I thought it might be interesting to see peoples' reactions.

Influential scientists

When my momís cousinís husband saw me recently, he mentioned how he was positively in love with Lisa Randall, physicist extraordinaire, on the basis of a complimentary article that had appeared about her in the Guardian.

What makes me smile is that this article styles her as ďone of the most influential living scientists.Ē Well, thatís debatable, isnít it? She seems like a fantastic person and brilliant and all that, but can I entice yíall out of the lurkerís woodwork to cite some of your ďmost influential living scientists"? (Besides, what does that word influential mean? Influencing whom? Colleagues in the field? Lay people?)

Hereís a few of mine (in biology): Rita Levi-Montalcini. Doug Melton. Bob Horvitz. Jim Watson.
Also, thereís definitely some national bias; in France, it would be Axel Kahn for sure.

If itís influencing me, personally, as well as scores of other young women, let me cite Nicole Le Douarin, Jane Barker and Barbara Beltz.

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