coital headache

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coital headache
« on: 23/08/2009 16:28:18 »
It happened to me for the first time last week ...first I thought it was because of to much white wine the night before ...but then I got it again during sex in the daytime...
First I thought it was because of my long abstention of sex...not only masturbation.

But this morning I got it again and i felt really weak after the orgasm, it was my third orgasm this morning so I thought it was just to much ...but it really hurted and my sugarlevel went down  the drain..sucked a sugarcube and lay still for more or less half an hour..felt better afterwards but still having a slight headache ...on both sides of my head. The excruciating pain after orgasm is in the frontlobe though.

I just read 10MG of amitriptyline can do the trick...have to go to the doctor next week ...and I hope very much not to receive a prescription for abstention..God help me,I just got it back , the sex I mean, and it it s really good ..;don't  want to miss it again.


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coital headache
« Reply #1 on: 24/08/2009 01:17:25 »
Well you might want to visit this little (ha!) thread


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coital headache
« Reply #2 on: 26/08/2009 02:19:41 »
Thanks C4M, nice job! You give good directions!

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