Secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms

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For the first time on an example of mammals is experimentally found, criterion of health according to which operates {work}: natural selection and a reproduction of viable organisms, and also an interdiction and realization of infinite variants of pathology.

The established criterion allows carrying out the control of parental levels of viability before the beginning of conception of descendants, and opens a new era in prevention of illnesses at people and animals during their reproduction.

   As criterion of health or viability of organisms the found opposition of levels, i.e. parameters of speed of a nitrogenous (albuminous) metabolism is accepted. It is shown, that low levels of a metabolism belong to weak organisms and provide realization of infinite variants of pathology. And on the contrary, high levels in viable organisms which have contrast opposition concerning low levels - forbid realization of any pathology.

Is tracked the inheritance by posterity of parental levels of a metabolism. Prevailing influence of female levels on posterity is caused by pregnancy and intra-uterine development of a fruit.

By means of registration of levels of a metabolism at oarsmen, swimmers and fighters, to surprise of trainers, the blind method also shows, that opposition of individual parameters during sports is naturally observed in conformity is individual speed of metabolic processes of the sportsman.

Also it is revealed, that at people the high level of a metabolism is historically lost, and that is why he requires restoration. It causes growth of a wide spectrum of the illnesses menacing by disappearance of mankind. Results of the present {true} researches can be used also:

- In prevention of illnesses at people and animals during their reproduction, by means of the control of parental levels of viability before conception of descendants;
- In a reproduction of new breeds and kinds of animals;
- In эпидемиологии;
- In the sanitary control of animals intended for the food industry;
- In selection of methods of treatment and their forecasting;
- In protection of motherhood and the childhood;
- In perfection of criteria of viability;
- In army;
- In sports;

Disclosing of secret of natural selection and reproduction of viable organisms specifies interrelation between preservation and development of the nature and in particular, between a quantitative constancy of organisms and qualitative variability which is directed aside their perfection. The established Law of unity of material transitions or the Law of indissolubility of attributes of life radically changes representation about development and preservation of the nature which by mistake, i.e. in absence of substantiation have been erected by a science in a rank separated from each other and consequently laws perverting a reality.

With the purpose of prevention of illnesses in descendants is offered, to create the center, as the control of viability is the necessity dictated by a life with the purpose of a survival and the further development of mankind in unity of organisms of an environment. Realization of opening capable to carry out revolutionary change in public health services and animal industries requires financial support from associates.

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Here it is possible to get acquainted with a material on a theme:


The subjects made by the person, and also: splinters of people, animals and plants transformed to a stone, at action cataclysm, have confirmed the given opening. For acquaintance to a material I offer more than 80 found subjects and 270 photos. This part of a museum created in an epoch of dinosaurs hundred millions years ago is found in a vicinity of Moscow.

Here photos:
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The author of a find, researches and the owner of the patent: "The method of selection and reproduction of viable organisms" Dr. (Mr.) Valentine Pavlovich Dolzhenko.

The address: 125057, Moscow, City polyclinic № 71, the Chapaevsky lane, the house 4, Russia.
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