Can the clock on old human muscle be turned back to restore its ability?

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Researchers have identified critical biochemical pathways linked to the aging of human muscle. By manipulating these pathways, the researchers were able to turn back the clock on old human muscle, restoring its ability to repair and rebuild itself. (From RSS feed). Study shows “that the ability of old human muscle to be maintained and repaired by muscle stem cells can be restored to youthful vigor given the right mix of biochemical signals. This provides promising new targets for forestalling the debilitating muscle atrophy that accompanies aging, and perhaps other tissue degenerative disorders as well. The regenerative function in old stem cells can be revived given the appropriate biochemical signals. In practical terms, we now know that to enhance regeneration of old human muscle and restore tissue health, we can either target the MAPK or the Notch pathways. The ultimate goal, of course, is to move this research toward clinical trials.”
My option: It will be very wonderful if it works, right?
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aye, it will.
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Before you go regenerating muscle tissue, you had better be sure that the ligaments attaching the muscle to the bone are still capable of taking the strain, and, for that matter, that the bone is still strong enough. Also, can the blood vessels keep the regenerated muscle tissue supplied with sufficient oxygen. Can the heart and lungs cope with the increased demand. Old, thin, saggy skin might be adversely effected also.

Yes, this could be good for debilitating degenerative muscle problems, but don't get carried away, it is not necessarily a new lease of life. So those who get it in mind that this is a step closer to eternal youth, need to think again.

What a cynical old git I am.
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