Why Does Frozen FIZZY Lemonade Defreeze Slower Than Still Lemonade ?

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As a sheepy I of course luff water. Water is my all time favourite watery thing made from 2 parts hydrogen to 1 part oxygen. Out of all the things that are made from this recipe..water is my all time fave

As ewe all well know there are two types of water:

Still water

Water being still

and Fizzy water

Water being not still

Water is great when ewe do stuff like add flavourings to it. Like lemon for instance..or orange..but not sand...sand is a NO..lemons are a yes ! remember that when ewe try to impress your chums with a cocktail on the beach !

Now today I did my usual few miles on the treadmill and what I normally do is have a freezing cold drink to accompany me. I usually put it in the freezer for a good long time because I like my cold drinks abso friggin freezing cold ! !...and I want them cold for the duration (about 70 minutes)...so..today I froze some lemonade !...yep ...(well it's still mostly water right ?)

One thing I noticed......the frozen lemonade remained frozen a lot longer than it's still counterpart !

Why's that then ?..why does frozen fizzy lemonade take longer to de-freeze than frozen still lemonade ?..is there some magic in the bubbles that retains frozen joyness ?

As a firm believer in empirical study I snuk into my neighbours house at 3am this morning and he , without due protestation, willingly allowed me to subdue him again with chloroform. I put him on a chair in his shower cubicle and filled the entire cubicle half with frozen lemonade and half with frozen still lemonade. Ewe can see the result  here !

My Neighbour Being Happy To Help

I am hoping he will record the melting rate from the inside !...hmmmmmmmmm !*sheepy ponders*...not too sure if it was such a good idea !!...............so..no luck there then .

can ewe help ?

If it's true then why does frozen fizzy lemonade defreeze slower than frozen still lemonade. ?

Hugs & shmishes

mwah mwah mwah !

Ignorant About The Nature Of Defrozen Fizzy Stuff

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Any foreign substance added to the water will cause a freezing point drop. For every mole of foreign particles dissolved in a kilogram of water, the freezing point goes down by roughly 1.8C. Sugar, alcohol, or any chemical salt will also lower the freezing point and melt ice.

So the lemonade, (water + "foreign substance"), will freeze, (go solid), at a lower temperature than pure water.

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