Is it possible that Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy are simply a manifestation of

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Is it possible that Dark Matter and/or Dark Energy are simply a different manifestation of Radiant Energy?


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We seem to have three threads about the same thing. [:)]

When considering the possible cause of an observed anomaly I like to get to the actual thing that we notice; so we need to get past dark matter and dark energy, which are conclusions, to the actual thing noticed. For dark matter, we notice that the stars in most galaxies do not follow normal orbital velocities around the galactic centre. So I would examine this in light of your hypothesis, that I glean, that spewed out star dust might contribute to this anomaly.

Galaxies can be in the range of ten billion years old, plus or minus an order of magnitude. All the spewed out debris should still exist in a halo around the galaxies. Add to this the remnants of the accretion disk of star dust from which the galaxy formed, and I think you might have a viable candidate for galactic rotational anomaly.

But that is a speculative hypothesis. Now you need to put some numbers to it and see if it works.  [:)] That is the way theories are born.
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