Is the expansion of the universe slowing down?

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Kenneth Silva

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Is the expansion of the universe slowing down?
« on: 11/11/2009 09:30:02 »
Kenneth Silva  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi. I heard you this week on the Dr. Karl podcast. Good show.

Regarding the complexity of teleportation, and to avoid having to break down the billions of atoms in a human body and re-assemble them, why not simply create a "teleportation bubble" around the person, and beam the one bubble in its entirety. No disassembly/reassembly required. Problem solved.

On a different note, regarding the expanding universe. I've heard from numerous sources that nearby galaxies are accelerating away from us, but galaxies that are farther away are accelerating even faster. This is based on Doppler shift readings. But, the galaxies that we see further away, we also are seeing them further back in time. Therefore, this tells me that the expansion is slowing down, not accelerating. The galaxies that we see further back in time are moving faster and the the ones that we see more recently in the past are moving more slowly: therefore, the universe is slowing down its expansion. No? Yes? What am I missing here.

If you could talk about this on your podcast, that would be great.

Ken Silva
Brownfield, Maine

What do you think?


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Is the expansion of the universe slowing down?
« Reply #1 on: 12/11/2009 02:08:14 »
No, it's not slowing down. Recent measurements seem to prove that the universe is in fact accelerating, with a speed many multiples of lightspeed given by the symbol c, which stands for the latin term Celeritas, or also spelled Sceleritas, which if my memory serves me correctly, means sunlight.

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