elbow damage

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elbow damage
« on: 03/10/2005 15:47:27 »
hey could someone help me

im an aspiring rugby union player and getting to the age where physical weights are needed to excel --

whenever i do weights such as bench press ---my elbow joint begins tingling or feelign like nerves are ripping and consequently i have to stop and cannot do heavy weights ---- when pullign weights towards my body i feel no pain it just occurs when doin pushing weights like bench press and shoulder press----- does anyone know whats wrong --is it ulner nerve damage --?


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Re: elbow damage
« Reply #1 on: 29/04/2006 03:09:22 »

I can't actually help you with your diagnosis, however I can tell you that My husband was an aspiring Rugby "league" player who broke his elbow on another mans shin in a game.  This caused the actual end of the elbow to break off.  I know this is not the same however in the process certain nerves both from the accident and the operation have caused a similar symptom.
This is something that may never fully heal but each day it gets stronger.  For a long time he did strength building but was not allowed to push weights as in the bench press and shoulder press.  There are certain excersises only that he is allowed to do.  
I would definately go see someone to look at the nerves etc as this is something that age may play you against in the future
Good luck with your results and may start slow and not go further until you feel it is capable of that