How do you sneak in extra good stuff into your diet?

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Just going to mention that I'm vegan before I start this post, so some of the information might seem odd (extra fat?! are you mad?! for example [:P]) and no, before you ask, I don't have a problem with protein intake or iron. Vit B12 & D (I would use sunshine if I wasn't British!) I supplement; the rest I get from diet.

I like to sneak in extra fats, minerals and vitamins through adding things that are quite tasteless but nevertheless have health benefits. For example ground flax seed into pasta sauce is good - adds essential fats, extra fibre and no taste difference! Sunflower seeds are also good for this purpose. I also add chopped onions and garlic to things - though of course a lot of people do this and not just for health benefits :) I've recently really got into cooking, and I'm looking for more ways to sneak in extra magnesium, particularly. Wholemeal and wholegrain bread is awesome, I also really like to put small seeds into pastry when I make it, so that it's not just nutritionally empty. When baking cakes, I like to replace egg with with banana as a binding agent, and use ground flaxseed with 4 tbsp of water too, which makes a decent binding agent too and is good for ya [:)]

What do you guys do to sneak in things like this? (don't hold back on the non-vegan stuff - this thread is not just for me) Oils are great for it - I use extra virgin olive mostly, but I do use sesame seed for chinese food. I have grapeseed oil too, but I can't remember what that has in it, and haven't used it so far.
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