Best Sea Sickness Medicine?

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Best Sea Sickness Medicine?
« on: 09/12/2009 20:09:25 »
Any recommendations on the best sea sickness medicine to take along on a cruise? What's worked best for you or your cruise companions? Maybe there are different recommendations for the medicine that helps prevent sea sickness versus medicine that treats sea sickness after you already have it. I'd rather purchase based on your recommendations instead of just purchasing any over the counter product. Thanks.
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Re: Best Sea Sickness Medicine?
« Reply #1 on: 11/12/2009 16:23:29 »
I found "Qwells" to be very good - particularly if taken just before boarding.
Eating salty things like peanuts seems to help me (although i am unconvinced of the explanations i have had as to why.  I also avoid alcohol (to avoid exacerbating any balence problems and drink (flat) coke as I find it very good for settling stomachs.

I understand that as your body gets used to motion, any nausea is likely to ease.  However, based on recent experience of crossing the bay of biscay, the sole advantage of the ferry rather than driving along Spanish and French motorways is seeing fleeting glimpses of dolphins and whales...   

Hope you are going somewhere nice (and calm)!