Where did life come from?

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Where did life come from?
« on: 15/12/2009 16:17:29 »
Where did life come from?  I have a thought from my concept of the universe (down load free at newbielink:http://stores.lulu.com/walkerdb [nonactive]) that I would like some discussion about.  My concept is the word "IS".  This is a simple concept except when we view Einstein's theory of relativity that says that nothing moves faster than light that has energy or information.  For IS to work it must be instantaneous otherwise it would be the word WAS. 
I think IS works inside of dark matter which I think is a subspace singularity that is infinite inside and smaller on the outside.  The very center of the subspace to the edge of the subspace has awareness, the word IS, to the forces acting on the sides of the subspace.  Moving up the gravity (W-axis) the particles combine together (Quantum Mechanics) the awareness combinds. A cell has a structure that's large across the time axis (a nanosecond equals a foot).  In this structure there is awareness to outside forces.  And because of this awareness there's reaction.  Life exists down to the elementary particle level.


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Where did life come from?
« Reply #1 on: 15/12/2009 17:02:24 »
Define life.
Observe; collate; conjecture; analyse; hypothesise; test; validate; theorise. Repeat until complete.