Are Magnetic Fluxon Biochemical Reactors Credible?

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I came across this website which presents test results from compressed magnetic radiation analysis.  Among the test results presented was the concept of pharmaceutical formulation using compressed field magnetic reactors.  <note last 3 paragraphs of this report...>

The test results have been integrated into pages of a manuscript the author is preparing. In most cases reactor information and test procedures have been presented in each test episode. These test episodes may present uncomfortable reading to those used to formal scientific journal presentation, but the imbedded information has alternative scientific analysis value.

The author apparently attempted to ask various parties for help analyzing his new compound formulations, but his venture capital knowledge was questionable.  Complex Magnetic Radiation. George S. Carlsen. Heritage Registry.

Does anyone find these test result presentations credible? Lots of words, but are they enough to be credible. W.A. Aissa and M.F.El-Amin, from Aswan University, have published double dispersion results related to this subject. 

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