A new theory of evolution

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A new theory of evolution
« on: 24/12/2009 17:45:26 »
I'm sure you're going to enjoy this one.

I have a webpage at http://www.homestead.com/theosophy/ascension.html and other work online can be found by searching a new word which I use: girasas.

What the theory proposes is that humans descend (from a largely non-physical state) into the bodies of the animal kingdom (then resident upon the earth) and that the two kingdoms live side by side in one body. At a certain stage in this event, the animal ascends out of form all together taking with them a group of angels that existed in the lower forms and made a type of virtual world for them. Our accompanying groups of angels then took over where those other angels left off and in each of the animal forms that developed up to the point of the human.

In other words, evolution does take place (for a time), but then the evolution of that one kingdom ends and is replaced by a higher kingdom existing on this globe earth with accompanying groups of angels. The angels actually involve which is the reverse direction to evolution. As one kingdom follow the other around from globe to globe, a process of descending into form followed by ascending out of form, we only meet the kingdoms ahead of and behind us. Animals begin their journey into plant bodies, developing from the previous "ending" of the last time a descent-ascent took place. After 7 rounds of 7 globes (theosophy), one kingdom evolves into the next kingdom. The angels are an entirely different story and are left out of this equation due to lack of writings about their involution. We do know however that angels grow and change by obedience whereas evolving kingdoms do so by free will. We also know a greater variety of angels exist together, whereas only one kingdom at a time (generally speaking except for the overlap) are intended per globe.

The stages of a descent are similar to those of an ascent: three-fold, with one kingdom above, co-existence, and then that one kingdom below in the form that was vacated by the previous kingdom. A higher kingdom, (which I named girasas) has begun their descent, with accompanying angels, into the human kingdom and we are told that we are currently at the 5th race stage. As this girasas kingdom becomes more and more prominent in our lives, we will eventually (say 400,000 years) begin a 6th race. After approx. 16 million years, we will have ascended off our earth (during this 4th round of the 4th globe in the chain of 7 globes) to be followed by again a descent into animals that are now descending on the next globe.

This cycle of descent/ascent for humans, involving the animal kingdom and the girasas kingdom, gathers angels on each ascent and disperses certain angels to the lower kingdom on descent and thereby our environments grow and change at a rate comparable to the way our forms themselves change.

Support for this theory comes from available writings associated with The Theosophical Society and The Saint Germain Foundation, as well as from what we can observe occurring in nature. Hope you enjoy this.
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I'd like to welcome the free thinkers. Here's a new thought as well as a new theory. Check it out.


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A new theory of evolution
« Reply #1 on: 25/12/2009 01:07:33 »
This isn't science. You cannot make a falsifiable, testable hypothesis out of it.

Can you think of one?

Can you show evidence which will show that the hypothesis is worth testing?

By the way, there is no direction to evolution. The winners are the ones who survive - the current species that exist represent about 1% of all species that have ever existed on Earth. We are not the winners, we are the current lifeforms.
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