what is the responsible factor of making earth pole and what is anti gravity , ?

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can we shield the gravitational field?


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Not sure what you mean by "earth pole".

"Can we shield the gravitational field" - No. At least not if we believe the physics we know today. If gravity is the result of curvature in spade-time, there is no "shield" that can be conceived of that would work. I believe it would also allow for energy to be extracted from nowhere.


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The key word is " If ". Since the scientific community doesn't have a clue as to what mechanism gravity uses I would have to conclude that a shield could still be possible. Grabbing at a graviton straw is joke.
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1. Gravitons are a result of treating everything as 'forces' coming from the work that's made on describing photons in quantum electrodynamics. "In order to do this gravitons have to be always-attractive (gravity never pushes), work over any distance (gravity is universal) and come in unlimited numbers (to provide high strengths near stars). In quantum theory, this defines an even- spin (spin 2 in this case) boson with a rest mass of zero."

Gravitons are a concept used in M-Theory and SuperString theory and there seen as a closed one dimensional string vibrating at a low energy.

 M theory

2. Another way to look at gravity is to assume that it is space 'wrinkling itself' due to mass, like space becoming an invisible roller coaster 'dipping' around the concentration of mass and motion/acceleration.

3. A third way is the Higgs field, which to me seems to be working flawlessly with (2) too, where gravitation is seen as something accumulating/becoming attracted around mass, to me it becomes a sort of mirror image to (2).

Higgs field

And that's the ones I know of, that's mainstream today?

The only way to possibly be able to shield yourself seems to be if it was a 'force' (1) but then you probably would need something 'exotic' not really belonging to our SpaceTime. If it was (2) you can't shield it. If it is (3) then I don't see how you can shield yourself either?

Maybe you're thinking of electromagnetism's as possible 'carriers' of gravity, as you ask about 'Earth poles'? I don't think so myself but I know that there are people thinking in those terms.
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