Are we in a bubble universe?

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Are we in a bubble universe?
« on: 15/01/2010 03:46:01 »
A lot of discussion out there states that our universe could be one 'bubble' part of many bubbles. My idea is that the 'big bank' wasn't an explosion but rather a huge mass emerging all at once at a finite point. This huge amount of mass came from another universe or bubble caused by a rip in space time continuum caused by a black hole. The black hole in that universe was so large that it rip a hole and all the matter that was entered had to be converged into a single point as matter and pure energy. The extreamly hot and very dense matter exited out through the rip and out of the existing bubble and into nothing.
The matter exited as a huge rate, extreamly hot and compact and that no atom or elements existed just as predicted during the first few seconds of the 'big bang'.
Imagine a funnel which represents the inside of the black hole converging from a wide entrance to a single point. When the matter exited it was have been forced out at a huge speed causing the matter to exit out from a point to all direction, again just like a funnel but a reverse from the black hole. The 'outer shell' that containes the hot dense matter or 'soup' would be king of a shock wage that keep the bubble a bubble.
As the 'soup' expanded out and cooled elements and atoms started to be created, thus the begining of a new universe. One day that universe would do just the same and create it's own bubbles outside.
So, you can image what it would look like looking from the outside, just like a sink full of soapy water, full of bubbles all bunched around each other.
Imagine how many other universe must be out there is there are billion of black hole as predicted... 
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Re: Are we in a bubble universe?
« Reply #1 on: 16/01/2010 22:51:09 »
Reading this post I have a suggestion.

there should be a field in this forum named 'MUSINGS' where we could place stuff that makes us wonder, not necessarily stuff that needs to be explained, but just makes us think or question reality, this one seems a natural for such a place :)

As it's no question, no statement but to me, more or less, just  a 'musing'.
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Are we in a bubble universe?
« Reply #2 on: 18/01/2010 07:07:29 »
I concur. But you could call the new field 'DRAGS' and someone with the proper props could drag these 'drags' into it.