Would like to hear from insomniacs

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Would like to hear from insomniacs
« on: 21/10/2005 15:28:17 »
Hello everyone

my name is david mcdaid and I am a postgraduate student in journalism studies at the university of strathclyde in glasgow, scotland.

I am writing a feature article on insomnia and how it affects the people who sufferer from it as well as those close to them.

I wonder if anyone would be kind enough to share their experiences with me?

I am writing primarily for a piece of course work, and your anonymity will be respected - although a pen name, location, at least would be nice.

Here are the kinds of thing i'd like to hear about what life is like as an insomniac -
- how long have you suffered from insomnia?
- how little do you sleep and how does it leave you feeling?
- how do you spend your sleepless nights?
- what have you tried to alleviate your insomnia?
- how has insomnia impacted upon your life regards work ?
- did you know that some of the most famous names in history were also insomniacs? Da vinci, van gogh, winston churchill?
- in britain there was a tv show called 'Shattered' that encouraged contestants to stay awake for one week to win 100,000 pounds - how does this make you feel as a genuine insomniac?

I would be so grateful to any anyone out there who can help - I have a deadline for wednesday and need to hear from you.

My e-mail address is deivi79@hotmail.Com

many thanks

david mcdaid