Where To Buy a Full Body MRI, not Ct scan in Georgia

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Dear Sir or Ms.:

Recently I was reading a thread about MRIs and CT scans.  Years ago in Atlanta I had a full body MRI through AmeriScan Corporation, which went out of business.  The scan was really interesting.  I paid about $995 for the service, which also provides me (not my doctor) a CD-ROM.  The scan was most valuable to me.  I have searched via Google for any organization providing a full body MRI in Atlanta or anywhere in Georgia, and I am turning up nothing.  I have found scores of organizations that do MRIs but no full body, not without a doctor's order and not where the "patient" is paying cash.

Help.  Anyone have any ideas where I might buy this without having to travel to California or Switzerland?




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Where To Buy a Full Body MRI, not Ct scan in Georgia
« Reply #1 on: 23/03/2010 09:28:31 »
Sorry, I can't help you with your question, but you made me curious.
Can I ask what do you need a full body MRI for? Why is it "most valuable" for you?
I mean it must be great and fascinating to see my full body MRI, but I wouldn't give 1000USD for it.