ADD drugs?

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ADD drugs?
« on: 22/03/2010 22:42:57 »
Hi all! I have a question about ritalin/adderall. I wasn't aware of just how many people were on this drug until I got to college. the percentage is simply stunning, let me tell you. Would my parents have done me a disservice by declining its prescription to me when I was a child? Anyone can get a prescription. Frankly, how often this drug is used by some people here pisses me off. I've felt its effects, and I know how much more tolerable it makes mind numbing tasks. Is this a problem? Something about it really doesn't feel right to me. Like cheating. Only, knowledge is knowledge, no matter how you gather it... So not cheating. Anybody have any opinions/experience with this? Half the people who use it don't even have ADD. Something about it just gives me a bad feeling. If it truly is only beneficial, with no side effects, shouldn't it be available to everyone? I mean come on, they give it to damn six year olds. Which, seems a bit off key to me as well. Don't change the schools, change the children's minds!