Tips on getting rid of acne?

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Tips on getting rid of acne?
« on: 05/04/2010 20:06:52 »
So i asked people for their honest opinions, and my acne kind of went away but its still all over my face. My friends said i'd be so pretty without acne, and all my guy friends said i'd be the prettiest person in the school without it. It makes me so depressed D: And all my stress makes it worse, halp?
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Re: Tips on getting rid of acne?
« Reply #1 on: 08/04/2010 11:50:20 »
Well first of all weigh once a day at the same time daily, preferably after your first stool in the morning, if you are regular that way.

Do not weigh several time a day..

Your weight will fluctuate at first coming down, and then it will go up, as the exercise you are doing builds more muscle tone throughout your body, and muscle is heavy so first you will be building muscle and loosing excess but you will tend to gain as the muscles strengthen up. Then you will begin a slow decline as the body then rids itself of fat.

Drink plenty of water that is really important and be sure you are drinking before you are thirsty drink water through out the day weigh once daily before meals and after first stool!

Always weigh either with your clothes and shoes on, or in your skivvies, or in the raw.. I weigh in the raw but expect to weigh the same way each day, because the less deviation in clothing weight makes a big difference. Just be consistent.

Many people prefer to weigh once a week others once a month, but for me a daily morning weigh in kept me honest with myself and I was able to monitor the weight gains and keep them in check.

The fiber in your diet will be important to keep your stools soft and help fill you up without staying in your body for long periods of time... helps everything else empty out well also. Watch out for empty calories..

The sore muscles from just getting in there and banging the pavement so to speak is normal sore muscles most likely, but do be careful and mindful of proper shoes, and trying to be careful on the pavement! You could easily get shin splints and those hurt like crazy and are not so good! Treat your muscles good and just don't overdo it to quickly and then get discouraged...Steady as you go.

Try not to get in a rut with your routine that seems for me to be a problem.. Find many avenues of exercise to do when you are unable to do your normal routine, and remember changing it up some helps to use other muscles that do not get as much as the legs mix it up and have fun..

Biking exercises your leg muscles, but walking or running exercises them in a different way,stretching as you pedal etc.. so remember it all uses different muscles so again mix it up. Make sure you get your heart rate up for at least 15 minutes a stretch 20 if you can daily..during your routine.. and remember you do not have to kill yourself to get a good workout and get your body in shape.. Your cardio health is important and remember when doing any of your training to remember to suck in the gut and keep breathing through the exercise, tighten those buttocks cheeks, it really makes a difference..tones and shapes..

Breathe and do not hold your breath while exercising..This one is hard for me as is sucking up my gut! LOL

You are young and I m old It is wonderful you are taking up the reins and doing it.. I waited so long I am broken up, but I am still trying but I am a very big girl.. I am starting over on my exercise and am limited but I am going to push the borders of my box out so too speak and get this weight down.. I really do not want weight surgery  cause I love food...good food and weight loss surgery starves you for the rest of your life and you end up living on handfuls of vitamins.. to sustain health...

My health is terrible right I am proud that you asked your question and I hope some of what I said helps...

As far as diet eat plenty of fresh vegetables fiber and fruit watch out for too much starch like fries potatoes, white rice white pasta.. eat those things in small portions and really concentrate on lean meats in small portions and try to limit your fat intake,,
Check on line for a basic caloric intake for a  young man your age and remember to keep your body fueled with the right foods for the jobs it is doing...

I am lousy at calorie counting so I have gone down to 1/4 cup serving starch if any and 1/2 cup serving of a main dish unlimited vegetables, fruits etc...within reason...  I am hoping that will work. am thinking 5 or six small meals a day more like snakes according to my doctor..

Good luck  and perhaps I can come back here and post my results with you ? What do you say?

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Re: Tips on getting rid of acne?
« Reply #2 on: 08/04/2010 16:51:40 »
Fluctuations in weight over the course of a single day are likely to be as much due to water loss or gain, as due to loss or gain of fat.
Unless you know that the scales are really that accurate (most are not) then the change of the odd pound isn't meaningful anyway.
There's little to be said for weighing yourself more than once a week.

On the other hand walking and running are generally good exercise; even if you don't lose much weight you will get fitter and, therefore healthier.
You should also bear in mind that a BMI of 26 isn't very overweight.
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Re: Tips on getting rid of acne?
« Reply #3 on: 10/05/2010 08:49:23 »
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