Does wearing clothing increase body odour?

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David Bayer

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Does wearing clothing increase body odour?
« on: 24/04/2010 13:30:02 »
David Bayer  asked the Naked Scientists:
Does clothing increase body odour, or are humans just smelly animals?

I would think sweat would dry faster when nude, thus decreasing bacterial activity.  

Some indigenous people live naked, or close to it, all the time. Do they stink?
David Bayer

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Does wearing clothing increase body odour?
« Reply #1 on: 24/04/2010 21:37:52 »
I know some forms of clothing definitely seem to increase the pong coefficient. My feet are fine if I wear cotton socks, but socks that have a significant man made fibre content have a diabolical effect!

I'm not sure why that is. It may just be that cotton tends to wick moisture (sweat) away better, but I suspect it may be more complicated than that.
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