Does Pelvic Inflammatory Disease cause organs to melt?

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Can your reproductive organs actually melt with having Pelvic Inflammatory Disease for a year???
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Re: Does Pelvic Inflammatory Disease cause organs to melt?
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Scar rather thsn "melt" ...

Prompt and appropriate treatment can help prevent complications of PID. Without treatment, PID can cause permanent damage to the female reproductive organs. Infection-causing bacteria can silently invade the fallopian tubes, causing normal tissue to turn into scar tissue. This scar tissue blocks or interrupts the normal movement of eggs into the uterus. If the fallopian tubes are totally blocked by scar tissue, sperm cannot fertilize an egg, and the woman becomes infertile. Infertility also can occur if the fallopian tubes are partially blocked or even slightly damaged. About one in ten women with PID becomes infertile, and if a woman has multiple episodes of PID, her chances of becoming infertile increase.