How can you make something that's only in focus in 3d?

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Lyn Watts

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Lyn Watts  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello naked scientist,
Am smitten with 3D imaging since viewing "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland."
As a professional artist, I would like to hold an exhibition of paintings where they could only be brought into focus by the viewer wearing 3D glasses!!!
Would this be at all possible?

I imagine one would paint using 3 colours only slightly out of focus but am totally puzzled as to just where to start on this fascinating challenge.

Can you help me in any way please?
Thank you
Lyn Watts- New Zealand

What do you think?
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How can you make something that's only in focus in 3d?
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For a painting, (rather than projection of a digital image like Avatar), I think you'd need to use the old-fashioned red-cyan spectacles method ... 

i.e. make paintings of stereo photographs like these ...  
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