Why do I succumb regularly to the 'flu?

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Kholisile Khumalo (KE)

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Why do I succumb regularly to the 'flu?
« on: 21/05/2010 10:30:02 »
Kholisile Khumalo (KE)  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hi Chris,

I trust you are well. I am big fan and a regular listener to your programme on Talk Radio 702. I don't know how you do it to have such a wealth of information available at your fingertips and correct every time.

Kindly provide me with assistance on the matter below.

I am extremely susceptible to flu. I take flu vaccines annually and take all precautions like washing hands, avoiding handshakes, taking vitamin c e.t.c The problem is that if I came across someone with Flu, the chances are very high that I will be infected. Most of the times its not intense but I do get infected.

Now the serious problem is that my son (3 year old) has the same problem. Already this year, he had flu about 6 times. As I am speaking with you know, he is down with flu.

I have consulted two different paediatrician yet there seems to be no solution to this problem. Every time, I ask them get to the root cause of the problem but its always not the case.  Over and over this problem seems to persist and all we do is we wait for the next infection to happen.

We are doing our best to teach him to wash his hands as often as possible, we give him vitamins (like vitamin supplements e.t.c) yet he gets infected more often than me.

Surprisingly, my wife does not take the flu vaccine but does not infected as often as possible. Why is this?

Is there a simple solution that I can implement? Is there something that I can do to help prevent me and my son getting infected.
Please help,

Kholisile Khumalo

What do you think?
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