Roswell was staged by the american secret service

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This is the perfect conspiracy theory

The Roswell incident was completely staged by the American secret service. It is a conspiracy to combat, end, defeat and subdue racism by making people believe in a superior alien race. You see black people, chinese people, indian people and other non whites whether they admit it or not see themselves as being less than White Europeans (inferior to). The conspiracy is to get white people to believe consciously or sub consciously in a superior alien race then in that they can make them feel inferior and dash there natural racist nature.

I assure you that is why they did it!

It is the perfect conspiracy

Whether people admit it or not people the majority of people are naturally racist (especially Nordic Europeans).

The conspiracy is still going to this day the American government still want you to believe.

Most of the conspirators have served in the military and had to swear to an oath of secrecy.

The conspiracy has worked a poll has found the majority of people in America believe something extra-terrestrial happened at Roswell and was covered up by the government.

The conspiracy began after people in the American government saws the horrors of racial supremacy in Europe from the third reich. They wanted to think of a way to end this kind of racial supremacy so that this could never happen again.


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Roswell was staged by the american secret service
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