Is our universe self-symmetric in terms of the superstring theory ?

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Symmetry is beautiful due to the balance, perfection, and simplicity. Positive and negative charges, right and left handedness, forwarded and backwardedness, and other invisible/intangible/imaginary properties.

They discovered CP symmetry violations several decades ago. They say T symmetry doesn't hold either. Is that so on the scale of classical and quantum physics? Wouldn't everything be perfectly symmetrical on the level of superstring? I need enlightenment...


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Please someone reply.

I have done some reading and I would love to see a "for dummies" summary.

I mean the concept is simple enough, but why do some interactions break this symmetry and how exactly is this manifested (in really simple, bite sized, pub ammo chunks).


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Well, first you would need someone working with superstring theory I think. And that is a very esoteric mathematical art, shrouded in mystery for us not so mathematically inclined :)
And when you find this brave explorer you would have to ask him what the symmetry of one dimensional strings are, or possibly where it is? As that is the 'origin' as I understands it. It may make perfect sense mathematically, but try to imagine a one dimensional string if you will. We won't see it, ever? So yes perfect symmetry perhaps, as it is nowhere but everywhere :)
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