Have you been here before it was the future?

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Have you been here before it was the future?
« on: 19/06/2010 00:59:26 »
Imagine having been here before. In Jungian theory we all share a collective unconscious. Primal recordings in our neuropathways allow us to respond to impulses that produce automatic results like fight or flight responses. In more sophisticated methods we share technological experiences such as mental images produced by shared electronic imagery such as watching block buster movies. Millions of us watch the same two hour movies in one weekend and bring the images and corresponding emotions into our collective unconscious. As individuals we have individual consciousness and unconsciousness. These ideas are conventional. Nothing new here. The concept that I am proposing came to me while running last night. Imagine if rather than living your life in a linear form of multidimensional possibilities in an expanding universe we were in fact living the opposite order of universal dynamics. What if the universe is in fact contracting? The evolution of mind would essentially be devolving. The culture; the collective unconscious, would be devolving as we reduce our collective comprehension back through the primal levels. We would find ourselves in states of confusion over what we perceive as a rift between our understanding of enlightened possibilities with the observations that the majority of the world is devolving into chaos and turmoil. The only way out for us to survive in the manner which we wish to maintain ourselves would be to disconnect from the collective. This would be possible by living life away from the connection to the collective and vibrating at collective mind states that individuate one away from the devolving masses. The perception of others would be that the evolving ones were dehumanizing themselves away from the common man. The paradox of course is that in the 4th dimension there is apparently no time. If time does not exist in the very next dimension then the oscillating universe is an illusion; a trick of electronic impulses that trick the eye and the mind. The true release from the ties that bind the psyche to devolution or evolution is the acceptance that emotions need to be experienced, felt, understood, and processed so that their cognitive impact is incorporated into our perceptions of the world. As the perceptions come in from the outer world, the outer world molds to our individual abilities to conceptualize what we believe that we see. It is this belief that creates imagination. It is imagination that creates our shared reality. Rather than devolving anew into a compressed black hole in space whence we came, we have the option of transcending the physical by collectively manifesting our shared reality; one in which we can collective escape through what we today call a worm hole, into another dimension. It should be obvious that as I write this I am brain storming. I have not completely thought out these concepts to see if they are valid and reliable enough to produce a tangible hypotheses. So many are willing to accept that the world will end in 2012. If this collective were reduced to the psyche of one individual, that person would be subject to a clinical assessment for a possible diagnosis of psychosis NOS and a possibility to be a danger to self. This discourse was meant to promote a discussion on whether anyone else can conceive of the concept that we are devolving in an unconscious collective means of perception and thus our individual traumas, memories, and life experiences can be "reverse-engineered" in therapy to make sense of what has already occurred and what has yet to come. Take it away anyone: Can we save ourselves again?