Computer Technology found Documented and Depicted in Ancient Texts

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Egyptian Hieroglyphs depict and describe a computer’s cd tray, along with the form of a compact disk itself.

The Old Testament documents and describes computer parts.

The contents of four specific mid 1990s cd-roms are documented and described in many ancient texts.

A common link is Egypt:
Solon, an Egyptian priest, told the story of Athens and Atlantis.
Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV), Pharaoh of Egypt, set up a one god religion.
Moses, an Egyptian priest, told various historical stories, and set up a one god religion.
The ‘Ark of the Covenant’ was a computer carry box that also contained the four mentioned cd-roms.

Two new videos introduce and show what type of computer technology has been documented and depicted by people in ancient times.
Link: newbielink: [nonactive]

Three more videos then provide 12 specific examples.

Once you have viewed these, you may then Evaluate, Examine, and Compare 10 selected Topics from the Videos.
newbielink: [nonactive] (Australia). Examing Evidence of Time Travel


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Because of the spam filter I cannot direct you to the wonderful(ly rubbish) work of eric von daniΚen (without the use of a phrophylactic Kappa).  it is "the chariot of the gods" that you should read.  I would recommend it to everyone as a prime example of how you can find patterns and similarities in anything - absolute balderdash, of course, but great fun in a "i can't believe its not bullshit" manner.  matthew
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well........I'm convinced !  [:)]
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well........I'm convinced !  [:)]

That's because you have a Phrophylactic Kappa.
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I see no need for a new thread discussing this - the other discussion was enough.

If you have something new to add, do so in the old thread - if you're just trying to promote that site some more, then we can safely assume this is spam.