Do black holes accelerate the universe?

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Do black holes accelerate the universe?
« on: 02/07/2010 21:00:44 »
Why is gravity so weak? What are black holes?
Is the answer that black holes are clumps of gravity throughout space? Maybe as the force of gravity was released from the super force it was thrown off into clumps in space.
Could these clumps of gravity rip matter apart and convert it into dark matter or dark energy?
In this process matter would lose the physical properties we recognize today but the information would still remain in the dark energy and the gravitation force would either remain with the dark energy (explaining why there is more gravity in our galaxies than there should be from the amount of matter we can observe) or maybe this gravity would also be partly collected by the black holes growing them larger.  Pure gravity (black holes) would attract gravity from our observed universe.
In the process of converting matter to dark energy the black hole releases antigravity.
What if by ridding our universe of matter as we know it black holes are bringing our universe back to its more natural state and matter and everything we observe in our universe is actually like a scab on our universe from the big bang being healed by black holes and this scab is like friction for the universe returning to its natural state.
Just as gravity is an accelerating force, black holes grow stronger and they accelerate the expansion of the universe by releasing the friction caused by matter and converting it into dark energy or dark matter.