My rare misunderstood medical conditions

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My rare misunderstood medical conditions
« on: 03/07/2010 01:53:50 »
Hello dearest naked scientists. I am coming here
because I think there will be less judgement and more
understanding as for my medical conditions. I have
found I have 3 medical conditions with the first 2
being identifiable but not very well known or cured
but worse and the third being less bad but truly

At childhood I always had anxiety. I still do now. I
have always been shy, had low self-esteem, and was
afraid to speak up. I always said a few words quietly.
I always walked all tensely and had some irrational
fears like going on a small ride at an amusement park.
Even now I get scared of going to kiddie rides or
thinking about driving a car.

At 13 I was given Prozac for Anxiety Disorder and a
Tic disorder. It wasn't bad until I stopped it. On it
I was just hyperactive, that's why they terminated it.
But when I left it, I experienced the Apathy people
experience on SSRIs and yet it did not stop. Doctors
do not believe in long-term damage because there
hasn't been much research into it, but that is what
happened to me. I am suffering from what is called
SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome and it is prolonged.
Other people have complained of that too. On , they talk about it all the time.
These kinds of things happen, just very rarely. You
see it cannot be mental, I did not care for this
medicine, I was a kid forced on it. I became
emotionally numb and mentally slower and some other

At 16 I began masturbation and that led to another
disease; Post-orgasmic illness syndrome. Another
disease doctors know nothing of. I DID NOT mentally
bring about this. This is a real disease and many
other people on the internet complain the exact SAME
THINGS as I do. But I am addicted to it and it is
hurting me.

The third illness or whatever it is is between the
above 2. After Prozac they put me on Wellbutrin and
the thing is, I was still Depressed (though felt a bit
better) but I would always smile and when I am not
happy. Sometimes it was fitting, at other times I
looked like a complete dumbass. What this is, I have
yet to discover if discoverable.

Now I am seeking solutions and have been for all these
years. I am 20 years old and have severe mental,
emotional, physical, and sexual problems. I now do
Acupuncture, take Wellbutrin again, and am gonna try
Chinese Medicine. My theory is that I have depleted
Dopamine and that is why I have these problems. From
the Chinese perspective its Jing and Kidney Yang.

I wish that the real doctors could look into this and
I will try to convince the researchers for this. I
have 2 very rare illnesses and it is killing me day by
day. My Psychotherapist doesn't believe me and I think
I will change to another one.

Right now I am trying to quit masturbation somehow,
recover from both POIS and SSRIDS, thinking how I can
get the medical professionals to do this project,
finding the medicine right for me, and use my herbs.


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My rare misunderstood medical conditions
« Reply #1 on: 04/07/2010 17:17:49 »
I suggest you read 'Scouting for boys' by Sir Robert Baden-Powell and take to heart his comments on self abuse.
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