A Black Hole Universe?

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A Black Hole Universe?
« on: 13/07/2010 04:45:33 »
<Reposted from original thread (perhaps this section is more appropriate)>
While watching my Morgan Freeman-tinged, dumbed-down version of physics and its application to the universe, I came across the analogy of information entering a black hole using the happy couple, Sally and Bob. What was striking to me is the phenomenon of a coexistance- in both the world which is directly visible to us, and the dubbed "holographic" version of the universe. All the long years of arduous elementary and middle schooling, combined with my two semesters of high school worked up my mind to a very innocent suggestion- could the existence of both our physical universe which we are most familiar with, and that of the "holographic" scattered information be the result of our universe being a black hole? Could the creation of our universe have been the creation of a black hole in another universe- our physical dimension being the center, and the "holographic image" being the information still scattered on the event horizon, or radiated throughout the other universe? Perhaps all black holes in our universe are, in reality, other universes... Someone do some scratch math on the back of a paper napkin and e-mail the results to me before I go to sleep 
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