Just to add to your comments re. fire walking.

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Just to add to your comments re. fire walking.
« on: 19/08/2010 20:23:48 »
I've read the post and answer re. fire walking and because I have done it can add that I think the naked scientists explanation rings quite true.  My experience was part of a Neuro Linguistic Programming course.  The ultimate metaphor for mind over matter, as it were, was to get all participants to walk a 10m length of burning coals.  And I do mean walk, we were discouraged from running or moving too quickly.  We started off by standing for a few minutes on a bed of wet moss and then set off mentally chanting "cool moss" whilst the others clapped and chanted the same slogan - very exciting!  Wet feet = steam insulation as in your answer.  The coals were replenished after each 4th or 5th person so weren't totally ash - I clearly remember feeling the heat and texture of crunchy charcoal under my toes.  At the end of the walk you stepped into a small bath of cold water - I guess thereby immediately cooling any possible build up of heat-causing damage.  I had not one blister or any kind of soreness.  Just a complete high from having done something so seemingly impossible and coming out unscathed. But I won't tell anyone who asks about the science - happy for them to believe I have superpowers ;-)