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Join Me Up
« on: 26/01/2006 19:14:33 »
Greetings to all members.  In reading past posts, it looks like there are a lot of young members of this group.  Hope you will allow an older person in[;)]
I, like others, found this group while researching Zeta Caps.  My order should be in next week.  I'll post starting weight, etc. then.  I've struggled with weight always, but keep hitting an all time high for me.  Have got to lose weight for work related reason now, so have extra incentative....even though I have had every sort of incentative before.
The only question I had about Zeta at this time is does anyone taking it have any problems with low blood sugar, and if so, how did the Zetas affect that?
Thanks and hoping to be a supportive member of the group.


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Re: Join Me Up
« Reply #1 on: 26/01/2006 20:23:36 »
Hi Jane - Yes, you are welcome indeed.  Age doesn't matter, just a desire to lose weight.  Actually, you are in the wrong forum.  Be sure to post in the Zetacap and General Weight Loss -2 thread.  That way, everyone will see you and you'll get the support you need.  Kim saw you here and she copied your last post over to the other thread.  Good luck and hope to see you again.

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