Is it feasible for me to design Leaky cable for office spaces?

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I am trying to finish a research regarding implementaion of leaky Cables as an antenna replacement.
I came up with the idea primarily to reduce cost in using antenna as a means of Tx/Rx inside building premises.

the existing design for indoor 2G/3G uses several antennas both omni and panel to cover up the coverage area.
However, the cost is considerably high because we pay monthly rental for every antenna. And there are buildings which are designed to have 200+ antennas. I figured out that in some ways Leaky cables have been very effective in providing coverage in tunnels. Now can I use the Leaky Csble to provide signal both 2G and 3G in corporate offices and residential buildings.

What are the important parameters that I need to consider with my design?
The things that I had on my notes are:
      1. Coupling loss ( depends on the frequency /100feet or /100m in dB ) C50% and C95%
      2. Frequency band which is 30Mhz to 2400Mhz

Someone got an idea please help.. Thanks


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Apparently the railroads in the US use "leaky coax" in tunnels to maintain RF communication between the locomotives on trains where the locomotives are distributed on long freight trains.

That's about all I know on the subject! Good luck with your idea though.
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try a few dozen cheap TV flyleads as an experiment, I find that they are generally are of such flimsy construction they make pretty good antennae.


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Try Radio Frequency Systems of Germany for info on leaky feeders.  Times and Andrew (Antenna) are other possible sources of info.. 


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It would be worth attending a professional semina on this:

2G/3G Indoor Coverage Planning