What do babies dream of?

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What do babies dream of?
« on: 07/09/2010 10:13:31 »
Everybody dreams, even though you may not remember what you dreamt, your subconscious mind was at work while you slept. You may have dreamt that you were playing golf with a cricket bat and oranges in a swimming pool filled with beef jam and celebrated a goal with trip to the cinema for a curried oak tree. Yep, that's how crazy and mixed up a dream can be.

Even our pets dream. Watch your little doggy dreaming of chasing a juicy beef steak up a tree, then cocking it's leg up the neighbour's cat.

But what about a new born baby, with little or nothing in it's subconscious mind, what would it dream of? The sound of rushing blood, a heartbeat, the muffled noises it heard while within the womb?
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What do babies dream of?
« Reply #1 on: 19/09/2010 16:01:22 »
That would be my guess.  Maybe they also dream in sensations, like feeling the swish of the fluid around them and getting poked with the ultrasound wand. 

Even babies in the womb have REM sleep, so they might be dreaming the same sort of thing.