universal spinity

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universal spinity
« on: 21/09/2010 12:03:02 »
Spinity in universe

Frame dragging force is a newly identified force. Here,I rename this kind force “spinity” or “spinism” because this force is generated by spinning mass. I propose here that “rest mass produces gravity, spinning mass produces spinity; rest charge produces Coulomb electric force, spinning and moving charge produces magnetism”. Frame dragging effect was derived by Dr. Lense and Thirring to describe the procession of an orbiting object using general relativity [1]. Nobel prize winner Dr. LD Landau also derived orbiting object’s lagranian around central spinning mass using general relativity [2]. However, these professors didn’t point out that frame dragging is actually a new basic force which has close relation with gravity. When an object has mass, it will have gravity to attract its parts to the center. In order to overcome this continuously centripetal force, the object needs to spin to produce centrifugal force to balance gravity. When the object spins, spinity occurs. I propose to call this new force “spinity” because it is a combination of “spin” meaning origin of this force and “ity” meaning basic force. Frame dragging means a spinning mass can drag nearby space-time to rotate around the mass, so it is actually a force which can cause peripheral smaller object to orbit around the central mass according to the basic concept of general relativity Below is the summary of Professor Landau’s derivation from general relativity:

Vector g=(2G/c^3)Jr’/r^2 (J:central mass angular momentum ,r’=unit vector)
Lagranian L=-mc*ds/dt=L0+deltaL
deltaL=mc*g*V=(2G/c^2)mJ/r^3*V*r (V=r*W)

Thus, deltaL=(2G/c^2)mJW/r (W= angular velocity of peripheral orbiting mass)

Because deltaL=F*r

Thus, spinity F=(2G/c^2)mJW/r^2=(2G/c^2)mJV/r^3=SJj/r^4
(S=2G/c^2=spinity constant, J=central mass spin angular momentum, j=peripheral mass orbiting angular momentum, r=the distance between central mass and peripheral mass)

Considering the angle theta between orbiting object and the equator plane of central spinning mass, the formula can be adjusted into:

F=(2G/c^2)mJWcosθ/r^2=ma, S=spinity constant=2G/c^2
How do I know this formula is correct? We can actually confirm it by calculating the moon’s moving away from our earth. Our moon is moving away from our earth about 3.8cm each year by using actuate laser measurement. Current tidal force theory cannot calculate the 3.8cm correctly. I think moon’s moving away from earth is due to the effect of earth’s spinity. Because of earth’s spinity on moon, moon is accelerating in its orbiting and is moving away finally. We can use the following values:( S=2G/c^2=1.48*10^-27, Earth mass=5.9736*10^24kg, Earth radius=6378km, Earth spinning angular velocity=π/43200(rad/sec), Moon orbiting period=27.5day, Angle θ=20 degree(cosθ= 0.94), Moon’s distance from Earth is 384399km). After we get the acceleration a, we can calculate the moving distance by using S’=1/2at^2(t=31536000sec=1 year). Because circumference and radius has a relation (S’=2π*r’), so r’=S’/2π. Finally, we get the result r’=1.3cm which can be derived from the deceleration of earth spin velocity due to the conservation of angular momentum of the central spin mass and peripheral orbit mass. Thus, the spinity formula is correct.

GMm/r^2=mrw^2 , w=orbital angular velocity of the smaller object

The above formula doesn’t disobey Kepler’s third law of planetary motion: r^3/T^2=constant. It is because spinity is not providing centripetal force, but it provides force to maintain planets in the orbit. Spinity can solve many phenomenon observed in the universe. Spinity can explain the swirl shape of galaxies. It can well explain the ring formation in the rotating plane of huge planets in solar system such as Saturn or Jupiter. It can explain why the nine planets in our solar system are surrounding the Sun in the same direction and same plane. It can explain why the satellites in our solar system are surrounding the planets in the same direction and same plane except Triton of Neptune. Uranus has special characteristics with its 90◦ degree axis tilt. And, its ring and satellites are still rotating in Uranus’s equator. It has been postulated that an asteroid or comet hit Uranus and caused its axis tilt. Spinity can bring Uranus’s ring and satellites to its new equator plane. Gravity cannot explain the phenomenon. In addition, relative angular velocity W is important due to the observation that small object orbital rotation is decreased when its orbital rotation angular velocity is greater than the angular velocity of the spinning central object. For example, the satellite-Phobos of Mars decelerates about 1.8m per century.

Nebula theory is the dominant theory of solar system formation. However, it faces a difficulty that Sun has only 2% angular momentum of the total solar system and Saturn and Jupiter have the greatest angular momentum in the solar system. Spinity can cause the angular momentum transfer from Sun to planets surrounding it. The Kepler’s second law points out the conservation of angular momentum in the solar system, so our Sun rotates in a slow spin velocity and its spinity can be much less than that during the initial formation of solar system. Gravity always attracts smaller objects toward the center and it cannot explain the rotation behavior around central object if only gravity exists. Spinity can explain the initial force causing the planets rotating around the Sun. After the spinity decreases to be much less than gravity, planets can still rotate around the Sun due to inertia. Because the current spinity generated by sun is really small, the second law of Kepler planetary movement is effective in our solar system. And, gravity can prevent the planets from escaping the solar system.

Spinity can explain why huge planets have planet rings in their equator planes such as Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. Planet rings cannot be explained by gravity. Spinity can help to explain Mercury procession, Venus precession, Earth procession, and artificial satellite procession. Spinity can explain why most planets in solar system spin in the same direction as our Sun. When Sun and one certain Planet spin in the same direction, spinity from Sun and spinity from the planet is synergic. The net spinity will cause the planet to rotate around the sun. When Sun and one certain planet spin in the opposite direction, spinity from Sun and spinity from the planet is subtractive. Thus, the planet’s orbiting around our Sun needs to overcome the spinity provided by the planet itself and it will take more energy to do that. Thus, most planets except Venus spin in the same direction as our Sun. Because of spinity, the linear velocity of central spinning mass and peripheral orbiting mass will tend to be the same finally. Spinity is actually the frame-dragging effect caused by spacetime dragging due to central spin mass. This is the reason why spiral galaxy peripheral rotation velocity is equal to its central core velocity. Spinity can well explain many phenomenons in our home-Earth. Spinity can explain why earth’s spinning velocity is decreasing becaust earth uses spinity to transmit angular momentum to our moon. Spinity can explain why retrograde satellites are more difficult to make than prograde satellites because retrograde satellites need to overcome the spinity of Earth. Flight from America to Japan takes longer time than flight from Japan to America, because retrograde flight needs to overcome our Earth’s spinity. Spinity can explain why free falling object tends to move to east because earth has an west-to-east spinity.

Why do I think gravity and spinity should be integrated? It is because I think mass causes spin. Almost everything in our nature is spinning including quark, electron, neutron, proton, satellite, planet, star, and galactic core. I think spin is the basic phenomenon of all things with mass. When anything has mass, it can have gravity to continuously attract all its part to the center(centripetal force). In order to balance this continuously centripetal force, the mass needs to spin to generate centrifugal force to balance the centripetal force. Thus, spinity is also generated. Thus, gravitospinity is integrated. I believe all masses have spontaneous spin if the masses are not fixed to have some friction force.

If anything starts to spin, there are only two possibilities. The spin is caused intrinsically or externally. If the spin is caused externally, there must be an external torque to push to induce the spin. However, I don’t see any possible external torque in our nature. For example, proton in the hydrogen atom is spinning, but no external torque is provided to induce its spin. It is also true for our galactic core. No external torque is for inducing its initial spin. Thus, the spin of all masses should be induced intrinsically. If the spin is intrinsically, the energy needed for the spin should be also intrinsically.

Mass causes spin. The only exception is photon. In theory, photon has no mass but it has spin. It is only predicted by theory. However, if photon really has spin, the mechanism to induce its spin can be different from other mass matter. For example, photon also has momentum. But, its momentum is P=E/c not the usual P=MV.


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universal spinity
« Reply #1 on: 21/09/2010 17:49:19 »
Spinity in universe

Hi wanchung, nice thread start up.

I worked on a concept of spin similar to yours.

Best to you.
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