Gravitospinism Maxwell equations

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Gravitospinism Maxwell equations
« on: 21/09/2010 12:05:05 »
Gravitospinism Maxwell equations

Gravitospinism has the same characteristics as electromagnetism. In classical electromagnetism, Maxwell equations play the central roles. Maxwell equations clearly point out the relationships between electric field and magnetic field. I believe gravity field and spinity field also have the same Maxwell-like equations. First of all, we need to define what is spinity field:

Spinity field s=SJ/r^3=(2G/c^2)J/r^3=(2G/c^2)(kMWR^2)/r^3
The direction of spinity field is the same as angular momentum direction of central spin mass.

Spinity force=SJmV/r^3=msV (W=orbiting angular velocity)
By the definition, we can have a Lorentz force-like formula:

From the scalar potential E and vector potential A, we can give the Lorentz force-like formula as:
F=m(-E-dA/dt+V*curl A)              (V=orbit linear velocity of mass m)

Comparing the two formula, we can get:
Vs=V*curl A
Thus, s=curl A

We can use these two definitions to derive gravitospinism Maxwell-like equations:
First, gravity Gauss law:
Div g=-4πGp (G=gravity constant, p=mass density)
This first equation has been derived previously by many researchers. Detail deduction is not provided here.

Second, spinity Gauss law:
Div s=0
The reason for magnetism gauss law is zero(Div B=0) is because there is no magnetic monopole. However, the reason for spinity gauss law is zero (Div s=0) is because there is no net inward or outward “current” for spinity field.
We can also deduct is as below:
Div s=Div(Curl A)=0

Third, gravitospinism Faraday’s law:
Curl g=Curl (-E-dA/dt)=-d( Curl A)/dt=-(ds/dt)

Fourth, gravitospinism Amepere’s law:
Curl s=-uj+(1/c^2)(dg/dt)        (let S=u/4π, j=mass current density)

It is based on Div A=(-1/c^2)dE/dt

From the gravitospinism Maxwell-like formula, we can see spinning will cause gravity field change. This can explain the principle of flight. All flight machine is related to spin such as jet vortex engine or helicopter’s rotating wing. Magnus lifting force was long observed during golf or tennis ball spinning. These gravitospinity Maxwell-like equations can solve the mystery of flight principle. Another important factor of the flight principle is the centrifugal force. Because centrifugal force is an out-expanding force and it can cancel the effect of inner-shrinking gravity, the net effective mass of a substance will be decreased by its spinning. Thus, a spinning object can usually fly. I am curious if centrifugal force can cause the flattening of space-time. Further mathematical deduction or laboratory observation will solve this puzzle.

[1] B. Mashhoon, F. W. Hehl, and D. S. Thesis, General Relativity and Gravitation 16, 711 (1984)
[2] L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz, The Classical Theory of Fields (1975)


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Gravitospinism Maxwell equations
« Reply #1 on: 21/09/2010 18:29:07 »
sort of like gravitomagnetism.


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Gravitospinism Maxwell equations
« Reply #2 on: 22/09/2010 16:17:45 »
Are you suggesting that Gravity is a electromagnetic property?
Something spinning?

A 'spinity field' consisting of?
Existing at all points because?

Why exactly would it have a motion?
Relative what?

And what do you mean by 'inner shrinking'?
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