Thank you John21!

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Thank you John21!
« on: 05/10/2010 18:14:25 »
Thank you John21, et. al. for confirming that I am not crazy.  My symptoms began in puberty and at first were limited to impaired cognition and irritability for a day or two post ejaculation.  In college I had to avoid ejaculation at least two days before any important exam.  Around age 50 the cognition difficulties began to be accopanied by flulike symptoms and mild perirectal discomfort.  By age 65 along with the foregoing symptoms a peripheral neuropathy gradually began in my legs (again post ejaculatory).  This is manifest as restless legs in the PM along with numbness or burning sensations in my feet.  My symptoms are episodic with periods of partial remission alternating with severe exacerbations.  No medical treatment or drug (and I have tried many) has been effective with the exception of opiates and I am afraid of these. My quality of life is now greatly dimished. My ejaculations are limited to spontaneous ones and I wish I could stop these.
John 630