Parallel Universe

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Parallel Universe
« on: 09/11/2010 04:41:10 »
It may just seem to be a dream or possibly a scientific hypothesis but the scientific discoveries on parallel universes is real. I know that this all could mean that what was once the past is the present somewhere else or even a future event is happening also. Lets forget about time travel, lets think about parallel possibilities and the fact that what we know as history is a reality right now somewhere else. I know this sounds strange but after researching parallel universe theories and astrophysics in general this is a reality. All that we knew and know now could as well be happening all at the same time but I only wish I could figure out how. I think that if time traveling is a possibility then this would prove the parallel universe and also different time dimensions. I know most people have unexplained dreams or feeling of being somewhere before. I only ask you that if you can believe in the possibility of time travel than would that not mean that we do live in a parallel universe with the ability to know that what was once there is actually there right now in another dimension?