I have the flu and i'm super thursty, help?

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I have the flu and i'm super thursty, help?
« on: 09/01/2011 19:00:31 »
i was sick all of today just vomiting and having dirrehrea and it was horrible. now i am terribly thursty and water isn't helping! what can i do? i am craving water but every-time i drink it i get sick again
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Re: I have the flu and i'm super thursty, help?
« Reply #1 on: 09/01/2011 19:29:39 »
If you've had V+D you may well be dehydrated. Try making*/getting someone to make you some oral rehydration drink. It's very simple:
1 L water (5 cups)
1/2 teaspoon of salt
6 teaspoons sugar

Mix together (easiest by putting it into a 1.5/2 L drink bottle and shaking the bottle until it all dissolves).

Take in small sips, you'll absorb some of it even if you're sick again.

If the drink tastes good, keep drinking it. If it starts to taste upleasantly salty, stop and drink something else instead.

*Obviously if you're sick and have to go to the kitchen cupboards to do this it's important to wash your hands before doing it, and better still to get someone to do it for you if you're not on your own.