Why would I have "other peoples" memories?

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Jeff Brandon

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Why would I have "other peoples" memories?
« on: 12/01/2011 15:30:03 »
Jeff Brandon asked the Naked Scientists:
Dear Sirs,
I'm looking for some research directions. Hope you can help.
For many years now I have been aware of memories which are not mine. These are not dreams, nor are they memories of dreams.
There are about twenty"episodes" for want of a better description, each of which is something like a brief scene. I am there, the scenes are of perfectly normal activities and I remember each of them. It's just that they never happened to me.
I have always referred to these as "someone else's memories" as that is the only classification which conveys the way these memories seem to me.
If you know of anyone researching this kind of anomaly I would very much appreciate a referral.
For the record I am a perfectly sane retired Army officer seeking a medical/scientific explanation.
Jeff Brandon

What do you think?
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Why would I have \
« Reply #1 on: 26/03/2011 12:42:19 »
 Well, I dont know if that helps, but once I've read a book written by a phsychologist. It's not exactly about your situation actually. It's about more like "why hypnotized persons see a part of someone else's life or see themselves as someone else when they are unconscious?". And this guy's theory is " what you see when you are hypnotised is actually your ancestors memories coded in your genes. They are actually deep inside your brain and normally you cannot remember them, but if you can reach someone else's subconsciousness, you can make him/her remember these coded memories." That may be your case. I mean maybe those memories in your brain are not deep enough for you to lock them inside. Btw sorry about my english. It's actually my third language. =) But I hope I could make my point.     
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