How far does radiation from a nuclear explosion travel?

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Pierre  asked the Naked Scientists:
Hello Naked Astronomists,
I know all nuclear explosions generate lots of radiations: Gamma, X-rays, EMPs, Radio, etc...
My question:
How far do these radiations "radiate" ?
Can they escape Earth's atmosphere ?
Could the radiations from all these nuclear tests that were done from the 1940s to the 60s or 70s escape Earth and be detected by E.T. ?
Or would they just be all masked by the universe background radiations ?

Wouldn't some frequencies be particular to artificial atomic bombs ?
And could it be worth it for the SETI program to scan for E.T. nukes ?
Thanks in advance,
Pierre in Thailand

What do you think?
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How far does radiation from a nuclear explosion travel?
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While don't have the actual data, they radiate quite far may be upto a few kms because the explosion happens in air. Otherwise it's not much they just stay within some particular radius of explosion and they are weakened when they pass through materials so they become less and less after some time that they at some distance they become undetectable.