What if I could make as much hydrogen as is contained in water, using heat?

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I have done this to gasoline, using specific heat. What can be done to one liquid can be done to any liquid. See it on You Tube, White Gasoline Vapor, (IAMBILLYTHEKID). Read everything. Lab tests will prove me right. Just waiting on legal matters, regarding [;D] my home, before I do the lab tests. I can take any liquid to any temperature, especially above said liquids boiling temperature. In doing this I reach the specific boiling temperature of one of the components in said liquid, while another liquid component has not reached it's boiling temperature, one becomes a gas, while the other remains a liquid, they separate at this point. I know when they separate, the gas is lacking in the number of components it originally had, which is the number of components (molecules if you dare)that gasoline originally had. The liquid is the missing component. This void is filled by the surrounding air, oxygen being the major component, of the surrounding air, turning the clear gas white. My white gas now has a much lower saturation temperature than gasoline, so it remains a vapor, where gasoline would become a liquid, this can't be gasoline anymore. Oh and the liquid I retain from my process is not flammable anymore. The liquid is oily, and doesn't boil at temperatures close to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, the highest temperature I could achieve without a flame. I think this liquid is a liquid carbon, since I get a zero parts per million reading when running on my white gas and a smog analyzer.


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In your video you say that "part of the gasoline vapour is not flammable" well. I have analysed gasoline and that's simply not true.
The rest of it is high on aspirations of changing the world, but low on actual facts.
At best you seem to be running a rather ill-designed cat cracker.
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