What do you think of Naked Oceans? (Tell us & win a signed copy of Helen's book)

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Naked Oceans is coming to the end of its first series - and we've just heard that there's going to be a second season thanks to the continued support of the Save Our Seas Foundation.

Before we get cracking with making the new series we want to hear what you think of the show so far.

Which bits do you love? Which are you not fussed about? And which do you hate?  [?]  [?]

Let us know either by posting a message here, or by filling in the NAKED OCEANS SURVEY. newbielink:http://www.thenakedscientists.com/oceansurvey [nonactive].

It's short & sweet, so won't take long. And if you fill it in before June 20th 2011 you could win one of 3 signed copies of my book, Poseidon's Steed, the story of seahorses from myth to reality... that's gotta be worth a few minutes?