New quantum gravity theory

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New quantum gravity theory
« on: 12/05/2011 06:35:12 »
Quite new theory in Physics
My name is Remigiusz Fajfer and I have a theory, that I would like to be comented.
Let's make a simple experiment. We have a glass of tea, a spoon and sugar, we'll tryeing to melt. When we make round moves of the spoon in the glass of tea, the sugar goes to the middle of the glass. That's because the front of the wave we're causing is sudden, and there goes some fluent "comming back". Lot's of people tried to explain gravity with this experiment, so let's say gravity is about making such "waves" (we'll call them "turns"), when the potential of the turn is gettind first suddenly big, then slowly goes down, and then suddenly goes big again.. and so on. Such turns go in one direction... why? This I will explain later. The theory accepts a possibility of making not-attractive waves, that would demand making turns of turns, that are reversed in the potential that gets smaller (the potential of such turns of the turns is getting bigger, and sudenly gets smaller, but then gets bigger again). Such model in this theory works like in the experiment with the glass of tea.
Let's say such turns are also able to chase only themsleves. They do that with the 1c speed But when they go round, the radius of such a move can get bigger (smaller "axis" (please forgive me my English) velocity, or smaller. When the two such units get close and they's almost the same sive - they get smaller... when they differ, they get bigger (I haven't worked it out why yet). We make a simple model, like a "time icn" in YouTube. We set one unit on every hour of a clock, but we set them as a turn. So that when there's a difference, the whole turn "moves" in the same direction it is getting bigger.
Let's now say PHOTON "looks like" this...
We have a double helisa, that looks like number 8, but may be a little bit more swirled. The move of units there are more true there, than in the model before and it is not only apparent. I one turn the units are going in reverse direction, than in the other but when we look at the ends of helisa (let's call them "upper" and "lower") in the both parts units are getting bigger from the upper to the lower. Et the ends (upper and lower of "8") units are moving only in one direction as it comes to considering left and right. That makes the photon move. There is a possibility to explain the physics of photon thanx to that theory.