Regenerative Medicine: Can we cure vocal cord paralysis?

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Can we cure vocal cord paralysis?  (I'm not affiliated with any of the organizations I'm about to mention, but would like to use this as an extant case.) The following website refers to University of Wisconsin's Susan Thiebault's research to regenerate vocal cord function through stem cells therapy:  This project is funded by the National Institutes of Health.  Personally, I've been giving charitable contributions to research organizations looking into paralysis, but I have no guarantee that the money I donate will go towards research for the vocal cord paralysis cure. I can wish that my donations go towards a cure, but all I see is more of the same information how to mitigate the symptoms.  Do I mind that they focus on spinal cord injuries? Not in as much that the research ties into strategies for curing vocal cord paralysis. I note on the Univ of Wisc website that they have a "make a gift" website: which allows money donated to be designated to specific research.  Can we use social media to direct donations to those researchers who in the minds of interested parties are following the best leads to the cure for the specific issue of vocal cord paralysis? Can personal giving from wide economic commitment be harnessed, directed to provide significant funding sources for vocal cord paralysis?  Let social media interaction and comment be the filter for which organizations receive funding.